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Dave Capaul

Manager & Funeral Director
3rd Generation

David Capaul, son of William "Bill" Capaul is Capaul Funeral Home's 3rd generation funeral director. Graduated from Ida High School, Ida, MI, In 1977. He earned his Associates of Science from Monroe County Community College in 1984, then later earning his Mortuary Licensee from Wayne State University in 1986. He passed his state and national boards in 1986. He took over management of the funeral home after the sudden death of Bill Capaul in 1990. A loving husband and father of 4 boys. He has served his community for over 40 yrs.


Benjamin Capaul

Funeral Director
4th Generation

Benjamin Capaul, son of David Capaul is Capaul Funeral Home’s 4th generation funeral director. Graduated from St Mary’s Catholic Central, Monroe, MI, in 2006. He earned his Associates of Science from Monroe County Community College in 2011, then later earning his Bachelors in Mortuary Science Degree from Wayne State University (Go Warriors), Detroit, MI, also passing his State and National Boards in 2013. He is a Licensed Funeral Professional, a loving husband to Denielle (Bussell) Capaul and father of two children, Veda and Roman Capaul. He lives in Ida with his family and community.

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Patty Capaul

Office Staff

Patty Capaul graduated from St. Mary's Academy, Monroe, MI, in 1979. She married David Capaul on July 24, 1981. Mother of David, Christopher, Nicholas and Benjamin Capaul. Nana of 7 grandchildren. She serves on the office staff.

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Clifford Capaul (Deceased)

Manager & Funeral Director


Clifford Capaul started Capaul Funeral Home in May of 1938. He Graduated Training School for Embalmers, Columbus, OH in 1931. In the winter of 1944, Clifford died in a tragic car accident leaving a rationing board meeting in Monroe, MI. Leaving the business to his brother Norman Capaul.

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Norman Capaul (Deceased)

Manager & Funeral Director


Norman Capaul took over Capaul Funeral Home from his brother in 1944. He graduated from Lambertville Schools, MI, in 1926 and from Training School for Embalmers in Columbus, OH, in 1931. He married Mildred (Bichoff) Capaul on January 16, 1932 and they had three children.

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William "Bill" Capaul (Deceased)

Manager & Funeral Director 
2nd Generation


William Capaul son of Norman Capaul and father of David Capaul took over the business in 1976. Graduated from Ida High School, Ida, MI, 1952. He attended Capital University, Columbus, OH, and later earned his certification from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, in 1955.  He served with the US Army, eventually returning home to Ida, MI, and taking over the business. He married JoAnn (Platt) Capaul on February 5, 1956 and they had 2 children.